POLINES Partners with MikroTik Academy to Foster Networking Expertise

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing networking expertise among its students, the Politeknik Negeri Semarang (POLINES) has forged a partnership with MikroTik Academy. This collaboration marks a significant step towards empowering students with the necessary skills and knowledge in networking technology, a crucial domain for the modern digital landscape.

The MikroTik Academy program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip participants with practical skills in managing and configuring MikroTik routers and wireless equipment. By integrating this program into its academic framework, POLINES aims to produce graduates who are not only well versed in theoretical knowledge but also possess hands-on experience in deploying and maintaining network infrastructures.

Through this collaboration, POLINES students gain access to specialized training modules and resources provided by MikroTik, including instructional materials, virtual labs, and certification opportunities. Such resources enable students to delve deeper into networking concepts and gain a competitive edge in the job market upon graduation. Moreover, by aligning its curriculum with industry standards through the MikroTik Academy program, POLINES ensures its graduates are equipped to address real-world networking challenges effectively.

The partnership between POLINES and MikroTik Academy reflects a commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry, providing students with practical skills that are in high demand across various sectors. As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, initiatives like these play a crucial role in preparing the next generation of professionals to navigate the complexities of modern networking technology and contribute meaningfully to the digital economy.

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