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Find new friends and experiences at the Semarang State Polytechnic campus.

Lots of Campus Activities

Various campus activities through student organizations are a means for developing student interests and talents in the fields of academics, creativity, arts, culture, and sports.

Semarang State Polytechnic supports every activity of the academic community through the provision of qualified facilities

Various Scholarships In Polines

Various campus facilities are available to support the activities of developing interests and talents in the fields of academics, creativity, art, culture, and sports for the entire academic community at the Semarang State Polytechnic.

Facilities and infrastructure owned by the Civil Engineering Department include buildings, lecture halls, studios, laboratories, and workshops, the capability of laboratory equipment and workshops which include Soil Measurement Laboratory (Measurement and Mapping), Materials Laboratory, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Hydraulics Laboratory, Structural Laboratory , Wood Workshop, Steel and Piping Workshop, Concrete Workshop, Drawing Laboratory, and Computer Laboratory.

The Mechanical Engineering Department provides various facilities for education, and training for the community, as well as production which includes a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Laboratory, Machining Laboratory, Materials Testing Laboratory, Design Laboratory, Metrology and Plastic Molding Laboratory, Maintenance and Repair Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Fluid Control Laboratory (Pneumatics – Hydraulics), Welding Bench & Plate Work Laboratory (BLP), Physics Laboratory, Energy Distribution Laboratory, Fluid Machinery Laboratory, and Thermal Machinery Laboratory.

Facilities for the Department of Electrical Engineering are made based on the curriculum and advances in science and technology, which are aligned with the progress of the industrial world which includes Computer Laboratories, Drawing and Design Laboratories, Basic Electrical and Regulatory Laboratories, Electrical Power Engineering Laboratories, Analog Electronics Laboratory, Digital and Microprocessor Laboratories, Measurement and Regulatory Systems Laboratory, Electronics Maintenance and Repair Laboratory, Transmission Laboratory, High Frequency and Transmission Laboratory, Electrical Maintenance and Repair Workshop, EC and Mechanical Workshop, and Mechanical and Electrical Installation Workshop.

Facilities and Infrastructure of the Accounting Department include Accounting Laboratory, Finance and Banking Laboratory, and Language Laboratory, Computer Laboratory.

To support the teaching and learning process and to create graduates who are ready to work in industry, the Department of Commerce provides classroom facilities for theoretical subjects and laboratory practical courses, while the types of laboratories in the Department of Commerce include Office Laboratories, Manual and Electronic Typing Laboratories, Language Laboratory, Management Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Multimedia Lab, MICE Lab, and Export-import Laboratory.

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