Public Information

Politeknik Negeri Semarang supports the disclosure of public information. We always provide information services to the public in a transparent and responsible manner.

Press Release and Public Relations

All management of information sources, newsrooms, and press releases related to the Politeknik Negeri Semarang institution is carried out by Public Relations under the General and Finance Section (BUK). Contact us for obtain copies of press releases or related news articles.

Get public information services at the Semarang State Polytechnic Integrated Service Unit

General information

The strategic plan

POLINES prepares a strategic plan as a guideline for the implementation and development of education which contains statements about the vision, mission, goals, and objectives as well as strategies for their achievement through the establishment of policies, programs and activities.

Performance Information

See the performance information to provide an objective picture of the performance of the Polines. Performance reports are always prepared as an evaluation material for planning activities and budgets, formulating policies in the field of education and culture, as well as as a step for improving performance in the coming year.

Financial Information

To support budget transparency, Semarang State Polytechnic always provides support for budget information disclosure. Contact us to find out financial information at the Polines campus.

Procurement Information

See information on fulfillment and supply of goods and services needs and supplies under contract or direct purchase to meet procurement needs in the environment at the Polines.

Regulatory Information

Download and get all regulatory documents and information related to regulations that apply at the Polines. View laws, regulations, decisions, forms, procedures, reports and guidelines.

Information Management and Documentation Officer

POLINES always supports the Openness of Public Information (KIP). Through the existence of the Semarang State Polytechnic PPID, the public who will submit requests for information will be easier and less complicated because they are served through one door.

People's Online Aspiration and Complaints Service (LAPOR)

REPORT! formed to realize the "no wrong door policy" policy which guarantees the right of the community so that complaints from anywhere and of any type will be channeled to public service providers who are authorized to handle them.
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